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ZUgferd validator using Verapdf
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ZUV (ZUgferd+VeraPDF) is a open-source e-invoice validator for the ZUGFeRD/Factur-X standard.

It checks both PDF/A-3 compliance (based on VeraPDF) and ZUGFeRD version 1 respectively 2 (EN16931 profile only) XML for correctness. The XML check is done by validating against the official ZUGFeRD schematron file for v1 and the EN16931 UN/CEFACT SCRDM v16B uncoupled schematron from the CEN.


compile with /opt/local/bin/mvn clean package

java -jar ./saxon9he.jar -o:minimum.xsl -s:ZUGFeRD20/Schema/BASIC\ und\ MINIMUM/zugferd2p0_basicwl_minimum.sch ./schematron_to_xslt/iso-schematron-xslt2/iso_svrl_for_xslt2.xsl

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