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F# to JavaScript compiler with JQuery etc. mappings through a TypeScript type provider
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Please note: this project is not actively maintained anymore. Please look at these alternatives: Fable or WebSharper.

FunScript consists of a standalone F# to JavaScript compiler library and a Type Provider to TypeScript. FunScript lets you connect to client and server APIs with Intellisense and types automagically using F# 3's Type Provider mechanism.


  • Windows: TeamCity build status
  • Mono: Build Status

Compiler Library

The compiler library generates JavaScript code that can be run in-browser or server-side inside Node.js. Simply mark F# modules to be compiled with the ReflectedDefinition attribute. The compiler library has minimal dependencies and can be run inside either Visual Studio or MonoDevelop.


Please help test the compiler libary and type provider by building samples and reporting issues.

More information

Please see the FunScript website.

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