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Ridiculous VFD-equipped modular cyberwatch
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Main PCB's
Singularitron 1B BOM.csv


Ridiculous VFD-equipped modular cyberwatch

More info at the Singularitron's page.

The Singularitron is a massive wrist-mounted wearable device with four expansion slots. Equip any combination of flashlight, laser, IR thermometer, environmental, and SD card modules, and stun the crowd with RGB buttons. The ultra-bright, extremely breakable VFD adds bright-daylight readability... and style.

Real talk, this does work, but is not intended to be a serious project. A VFD is a terrible choice for a wearable, and many parts of the project are suboptimal, ridiculous, and/or barely functional. Also, I made a bunch of boo-boos on the board and fixed them with airwires. I'll fix that some time, maybe.

That said, it serves its purpose - drawing attention at Meetups and conferences - really well. The cartridge form-factor is pretty cool, and this has neat super-small implementations of some interesting parts. Have fun!

If you really do want to build this, there are a lot of gotchas:

  • I'll add them
  • Eventually
  • Right here

Copyright 2017 Zack Freedman

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