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common Install app to vendor if oreo, fix busybox stuff, check certs since m… Feb 4, 2018
.gitignore needed for my mac Jul 18, 2018 Update Aug 8, 2018 update paths, use magisk busybox Jan 21, 2018
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This has been discontinued in favor of Adaway version 4 which now has proper magisk systemless hosts support. Check out the Support thread for more information

Unified Hosts Adblock

Small adblock magisk module using unified host files from Steven Black (Check out his github for more information)


First Enable Systemless Hosts in Magisk Manager

  • Open terminal then type:
  • Then follow the prompts to install host file of choice
  • Open terminal and type: su -c hosts arg1 arg2 arg3
  • The script will apply your arguments all at once and close. Useful for automation purposes
  • For example: su -c hosts m wr b
  • Script will apply the master filter, then your regex whitelist, then your blacklist

Whitelist Instructions:

  • Create a text file on sdcard called "whitelist"
  • Either add exact lines you want remove to it -> Run hosts script and choose whitelist option
  • Or add regex for lines you want removed -> Run hosts script and choose whitelist regex option

Blacklist Instructions:

  • Create a text file on sdcard called "blacklist"
  • Add exact lines you want to remove it (do not include the -> so for example: "")
  • Run hosts script and choose blacklist option

To Remove Whitelist/Blacklist:

  • Just run hosts script and reinstall host file of choice



  • EOF fix, should fix weird script errors. Thanks to Simon Dellenbach


  • Put app in vendor if oreo
  • Have wget check certificates now since magisk busybox supports it
  • Attempt fix of weird busybox issues


  • Updated app to v1.3


  • Added app! (Thanks to @Megakaban_ at xda-developers)
  • Aliasing magisk busybox applets is glitchy, alias to actual busybox binary instead


  • Use magisk busybox for hosts script (thanks to @Didgeridoohan at xda-developers for the idea)


  • Update to magisk 15.0 template - all backwards compatibility now removed


  • Remove old cache img support. All magisk installs are now located in /data. If your recovery doesn't have access to data, install via magisk manager
  • Fix uninstall
  • Add support for installing immediately after flashing magisk


  • Update to template 1410 (magisk 14.2 compatibility) while maintaining backwards compatibility with 14.0


  • Bug fixes (thanks to @Didgeridoohan at xda-developers)


  • Updated to template v1400 for magisk v14


  • Module will now uninstall if installer detects that the same version is already installed (thanks to @Didgeridoohan at xda-developers for the idea)


  • Added argument capability to the script for easy automation (thanks to @Didgeridoohan at xda-developers for the idea)
  • Moved all temporary files to /cache, added unique prefix to all to prevent errors due to already existing files/folders


  • Added fixes for samsung stock kernel users. Thanks to @jenslody at xda-developers for the fix
  • Fixed versioncode for magisk manager (thanks to @Nomelas on github for pointing it out)
  • Script now won't throw error if user inputs 'm' with other options (for example, inputting 'mfp' instead of 'fp' won't thrown an error) (thanks to @Didgeridoohan at xda-developers for the idea)


  • Added cache workaround (oddly absent from magisk module template v4). Thanks to @g40q90 at xda-developers for troubleshooting


  • Bug fixes for pixels


  • Added blacklist feature


  • Update for magisk 13.1 (NOTE: previous versions of magisk are no longer compatible)


  • Moved included wget to out of system completely, hosts script is only file that will use it (prevents potential conflicts). Thanks to @rignfool and @veez21
  • Added wildcard support to whitelist


  • Fixed last updated date change
  • Fixed whitelist option


  • Added all possible letter combinations (order no longer matters)
  • Fixed up pixel support - still WIP (thanks to @ahrion at xda-developers)
  • Fixed Last Updated date change
  • Added update check notification at beginning of script


  • Added pixel support


  • Updated to magisk 11.6 (template v3)


  • Updated to magisk 11.5 (template v2)


  • Added date hosts were last updated (so you can determine if yours need updated)
  • Added whitelist feature
  • Minor restructuring of hosts script header


  • Removed broken disable option and added directions for disabling hosts mod


  • Made minor changes to Readme, removed support and donate links from module.prop, and removed changelog to meet standards of magisk manager 4.2 update


  • Changed from using curl to wget and built in wget (not all roms have curl apparently)


  • Initial release
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