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PokeSave, working title, intends to be an easy and intuitive tool for editing Pokemon save files. Currently it only supports generation 3 games, and I have only tested it on emulator 128k saves.



  • Add support for just adding pkm-file.
  • Automatically recognize what file is opened.
  • Introduce storage concept.
  • Add support for parsing gen4 savegames and gen4 save files
  • add support for parsing gen5 savegames and gen5 save files
  • add support for conversion between all those
  • add gts support for easier pkm extraction
  • Figure out catchy name

Minor TODO

  • add 'drop files here' sign.

Notes, Gen III

  • There are still some save sections that aren't mapped, or have been mapped but not added to this app. There is also a few parts of the pokemon substructures that haven't been added yet. Ribbons, Box names, and wallpapers, I'm probably forgetting others.
  • Some of the read-only fields could become writable. Time needs to be parsed in some way though.
  • Level met doesnt show properly
  • location met could use combo box with valid values
  • Trying to change gender for certain types crashes (shouldn crash, may still be invalid)
  • some stats are zero?
  • language needs combo? - nah
  • add a bunch of typeinformation info
  • Show filename somewhere
  • Test pokedex seen and owned. Why are the different seen fields set?
  • test set national? repair, section, merge
  • Virus for empty team entry is 255?
  • when importing multiple files, flag that not all were importen / look for invalid data / check if length is ok and tell user if not

coin bps? pkm file fateful encounter setting spinda spots - without editing rest? unown letter stats generation from iv and ev hidden power met location list language list second charset rtc edit

0:898 - last screens? 3:280 - loads of encrypted 0

Testing and code coverage

There are nunit tests in the cleverly named TestProject1 project. I used OpenCover and ReportGenerator to generate statistics. Put all bin-folders into a bin folder in the root of this repo, then run runtests.bat

Thanks and sources


The source code of this application is licensed with a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. This does not include any lists of data and names used.


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