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RevS is an open source P2P library for building Peer-to-Peer based apps.

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RevS is an open source P2P library that's suitable for normal apps.



What is RevS and how does it concern me?

Today,most apps/online services still use centralized servers,which is really expensive,hard to maintain,and it's ugly when it goes down.If you've made one,you'd know what I'm talking about.
But what else have we got?The answer is P2P.P2P allows developers to build networks without centralized servers.

  • It's dynamic,so if you have more users,you don't have to get more servers.
  • It's cheap,because you could cut the expenses on servers.
  • If you use P2P,the online functions could still partially work even if the servers are down.

RevS can dramatically reduce the costs for developers.

A different edge

Most P2P applications today are only for sharing files,but we do not recommend you to build another one of them,because P2P is so much more than just fiddling with files.You see,a P2P app is capable of doing most of what a server-client app can do,and a lot better at it.RevS could replace the old networking part in server-client apps,and it's also good for building new kinds of apps with P2P logics.

Easy to learn,easy to use

Sure,there are other P2P implementations,but if you've seen one or two,you would know that they are complicated and sometimes specialized.You can't really figure out what you can actually do with them,and that's why a lot of programmers gave up P2P. But not RevS.RevS offers a straight forward logic and an easy-to-use API that can surely change your idea about P2P programming. And you can upload and download files just like interacting with a server.

Your own implementation

RevS now supports Objective-C.If you want to use RevS on other platforms,you can build your own implementation of RevS,using the language you prefer.View the Wiki Page to learn more about the details of RevS.


Peer-to-peer isn't just all about logics and programming,it's also about freedom.Freedom from censorship,freedom from government-peeking,and freedom to say whatever you want.There are countries that still keep its people away from these freedoms,and the wide adoption of peer-to-peer networking will help their people to seek for their own freedom.


RevS is an open source P2P library for building Peer-to-Peer based apps.






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