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Wacom settings for XFCE
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NEWS: Gnome has updated their code recently, so this repository won't work for distros released after 2017, and rolling release distros.


This script installs GNOME's 'Wacom Settings' in XFCE.

Screenshot highlighting the settings' location


To install it, run the next command in this directory. After rebooting, you will find a new icon in your XFCE Settings.

make install

To uninstall it

make uninstall


What options should I choose during the installation?

Just press enter. The default configuration will work fine.

Why doesn't it work? Why are my settings so ugly?

You have to restart your PC after the installation is complete.

I disabled the plugins. How do I restore them?

./ enable-gnome-plugins

I'm an advanced user. How can I check the debugging commands?

./ --help


If your distro is not based on Ubuntu, choose 'n' during 'install dependencies', and install manually the next packages:



We are aiming to implement this panel natively on XFCE. Meanwhile, you can install it from here.

Credits: Based on achadwick's script. Currently developed by Zeioth.

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