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#Angular from scratch

Work in progress

This repository contains all the content needed for the Angular from scratch workshop created by @olivierhuber and @Swiip.

This workshop has been inspired by some blog posts on the internet and especially Make Your Own AngularJS, Part 1: Scopes And Digest. The blogger @teropa started the adaptation of the concept on an eBook which can only recommend Build Your Own AngularJS.


  • root directory contains the initial files to start the workshop
  • slides directory contains the slides to support the workshop
  • solutions directory contains this solutions of all steps
  • tests directory contains unit tests to validate all steps
  • sessions directory contains all files from each sessions of this workshop


If we planned this presentation as a workshop. We played it and will played it in very different situations (different speakers, different contexts, different timings, live coding in place of a workshop).

Blog posts

There are the blog posts which have talked about Angular From Scratch


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