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Releases: ZENZO-Ecosystem/ZENZO-Core

ZENZO Core v2.1.0 | Kiyori

04 Nov 18:26
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ZENZO Core v2.1.0 | Kiyori is the first major release, since the initial release of v2.0 | Kiyori. This release and update is focused on improving user experience and provides additional support for the ZENZO Forge. This is a non-mandatory release, but a highly recommended update for all users. Some of the major updates and features that come with this release are: a decentralized price display (USD), masternode.conf hot-reloader, ZNZ burning and on-chain messaging, scam protection warnings in the debug console, additional debug console help and support, improved network stability and security, and the INVDoS exploit has been patched. In summary, this release provides improved functionality, additional features, and is geared towards improved communication between ZENZO Core and the ZENZO Forge.

Extensive Release Notes

Key Features & Updates

  • Decentralized Price Display (USD)
  • Masternode.conf Hot-Reloading
  • ZNZ Burning & On-Chain Messaging
  • Scam Protection Warnings
  • Increased Security and Stability
  • Patch CVE-2018-17145 (INVDoS exploit)

ZENZO Core v2.0.1 | Kiyori Patch #1

22 Jul 17:38
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Welcome to the first Kiyori Patch, which is a quick and simple upgrade (non-mandatory, but highly recommended). This version (v2.0.1) is an improvement of the major Kiyori release that solves many inconsistencies and fixes some of the non-threatening, yet tedious bugs. Many of the inconsistencies were strictly on the frontend and with the GUI, that are now solved. Furthermore, this release also adds some new feature additions and Cold Staking UX improvements. This patch was deployed as soon as possible to help reduce any friction on both new users and experienced users.

Thanks to everyone who has tested the ZENZO Core v2.0 | Kiyori release and shared feedback to help improve the experience for everybody.

ZENZO Core v2.0.0 | Kiyori

14 Jul 01:15
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The ZENZO Team is honored to release the latest version of ZENZO Core (v2.0), also referred to as "Kiyori". In the release, there are a handful of massive improvements, enhancements, and fixes on both the frontend and backend. This is the first hardfork for ZENZO, which will occur at block 935,333. Some of the most noticeable improvements are the wallet synchronization time, brand new and user-friendly GUI, along with some new features that include cold staking and masternode voting. ZENZO Core v2.0 does not enable HD wallets by default, but allows for users to choose which type of encryption and setup they would prefer. This version also includes built-in checkpoints to help ensure that wallets remain on the correct chain, in general and specially for the hardfork.