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Zero Collateral is a lending and undercollateralized borrowing protocol on the Ethereum blockchain. Zero Collateral is the first protocol to allow zero collateral borrowing for greater than one block.
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Zero Collateral V1 Protocol

Zero Collateral V1 is a composition of smart contracts which create the potocol. These contracts enable digital asset holders on the Ethereum blockchain to engage in decentralized, lending and borrowing acitivites, with down to zero collateral.

The protocol is currently in beta and deployed on the Ropsten testnet. We envision the protocol to evolve into a decentralized, community run project, maintained by a Zero Collateral DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) structure.

To expand possibilites of undercollateralized DeFi, we are exploring intergrations with Interoperability with the Stratosphere Blockchain will enable the project to tie directly into the benefits of major cloud resources, while maintaining decentralization.

If you would like to contribute, we encourage you to subimt a PR directly or join the open source team at

© Copyright 2019, Fabrx Labs

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