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D is a dice rolling library. It allows for implementations of dice rolling applications and logic.

See also zero-config/d-roll, an application implementing D.


composer require zero-config/d:^2.0


The library implements the following entities:

Entity Result Implements Role
D RoleInterface DieInterface Represents a single die.
Roll int RoleInterface Represents the outcome of a die roll.
Dice RoleIteratorInterface, DieInterface DiceInterface, DieIteratorInterface Represents multiple dice. It can roll for them at once or iterate over them.

The entity that represents a die is called D because die is a reserved keyword in the language and it matches with the shorthand name given to it by players all over the world.


The library implements the following services:

Service Result Implements Role
Interpreter DiceInterface DiceInterpreterInterface Interpret user input into a set of dice.
RollIterator RollInterface RollIteratorInterface Iterate over rolls.


The library implements the following factories:

Factory Result Implements
DieFactory DieInterface, DiceInterface DieFactoryInterface, DiceFactoryInterface
RollFactory RollInterface RollFactoryInterface

Number generator

The number generator comes from the hylianshield/number-generator package by implementing its interface, the number generator can be swapped out.

Use case

You may want to use a different number generator, because the default number generator is not random enough to your taste. Let's see what is needed to create an implementation with a custom number generator:

use ZeroConfig\D\RollFactory;
use ZeroConfig\D\DieFactory;
use ZeroConfig\D\Interpreter;
use HylianShield\NumberGenerator\NumberGeneratorInterface;

/** @var NumberGeneratorInterface $myCustomNumberGenerator */
$interpreter = new Interpreter(
    new DieFactory(
        new RollFactory(),

$dice  = $interpreter->interpretDice('2d20+10');
$total = $dice->getModifier();

foreach ($dice->roll() as $roll) {
    $total += $roll->getValue();

echo $total;

This will result in a number between 11 and 50.

One could make this a bit more verbose by iterating over the dice:

/** @var \ZeroConfig\D\DiceInterface $dice */
foreach ($dice as $die) {
    echo sprintf(
        'd%d -> %d',
    ) . PHP_EOL;
echo sprintf('+%d', $dice->getModifier());

This will output something like:

d20 -> 19
d20 -> 4

Complex interpretations.

If you want to interpret multiple dice configurations at once and also have them grouped and sorted, the interpreter has an additional method, interpretList.

/** ZeroConfig\D\DiceInterpreterInterface $interpreter */
$list = $interpreter->interpretList('3d6', 'D20', '4+10', '4+8', '1 d4');

The list will contain the following structure:

20 => Dice => Die x1 (+0),
6  => Dice => Die x3 (+0),
4  => Dice => Die x3 (+8)