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🎉 A snippet management app for developers 🚀
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🎉 A snippet management app for developers 🚀


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About this project

SnippetStore is a application for developers to store their snippets and quickly retrieve them when needed. SnippetStore mainly focus on storing code therefor its interface is small and simple, perfect for busy developers who doesn't care about small details.


There are many requests for macOS support and I'm sure many of you guys who are mac users will want SnippetStore to be available in homebrew and able to run on macOS too. But in order to do that, I need help from you guys to afford a mac to test & build this project and many more other projects in the future. It would be a huge help if you can buy me a coffee 😄

Buy Me A Coffee

SnippetStore is also available on issuehunt

Let's fund issues in this repository

A massive thank you to these donators

Trevor Robertson


Currently SnippetStore only available for linux and windows.

If you're using MacOS, you can also build a version for you OS too (not guarantee it will work!)

npm run dist:mac

You can get the latest release of SnippetStore here


SnippetStore currently support 2 themes dark and light

Light theme Dark theme

Tag support

With SnippetStore you can assign multiple tags to your snippet and easy find them using the tag list on the right bar

Multi file snippet

Not satisfied with a single file snippet? With SnippetStore you can now store multiple files within a snippet

Snippet list layout

SnippetStore currently support 2 snippet list layout:

Original List and details


SnippetStore currently support 2 languages:

  • English
  • Vietnamese


Action Key
Open create snippet modal ctrl + n
Open setting modal ctrl + ,
Toggle small sidebar mode ctrl + b
Close all modal esc
Save snippet ctrl + s
Discard snippet changes esc
Navigate in snippet list ctrl + pageup, ctrl + pagedown

Tech Stack


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