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Portuguese web archive (PWA) test collection was created to support research on web archive information retrieval (WAIR) and it is composed by six crawls of the Portuguese web [1]. It contains 256 million documents obtained from different crawls, corresponding to 6.2 TB of compressed data in ARC format (8.9 TB uncompressed).


  • Java
  • Python
  • R
  • Lucene > 4.0.0
  • Maven

Using the project

It consists of three steps :

  1. Getting: It is a python script that downloads PWA4 collection from Internet Archive.
  2. Indexing: It indexes PWA collection obtained in step 1 by using Lucene (Java, maven, lucene).
  3. Temporal_Queries: It uses Google trends to generate temporal queries (R, Python). More detail in ./Temporal_Queries/


[1] Costa, M., Silva, M. J., 2012. Evaluating web archive search systems. In: Wang, X. S., Cruz, I. F., Delis, A., Huang, G. (Eds.), WISE. Vol. 7651 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Springer. URL