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Lite2-3Pyramid (EMNLP 2021)

This repository contains the code and data for the following paper:

Finding a Balanced Degree of Automation for Summary Evaluation

  title={Finding a Balanced Degree of Automation for Summary Evaluation},
  author={Zhang, Shiyue and Bansal, Mohit},
  booktitle={The 2021 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing},

Note that this repo is still work-in-progress.


  • Python 3
  • requirements.txt

Quick Start


Run the following command to get the Lite2Pyramid score for abstractive BART summaries for 100 CNN/DM examples from REALSumm.

python --unit data/REALSumm/SCUs.txt --summary data/REALSumm/summaries/abs_bart_out.summary --label data/REALSumm/labels/abs_bart_out.label --device 0

expected output: {'p2c': 0.5014365067350771, 'l2c': 0.5159722360972361, 'p3c': 0.43105412152833117, 'l3c': 0.4964144744144744, 'human': 0.48349483849483854, 'model_type': 'shiyue/roberta-large-tac08'}

To get its Lite3Pyramid score:

python --unit data/REALSumm/STUs.txt --summary data/REALSumm/summaries/abs_bart_out.summary --device 0

expected output: {'p2c': 0.4535250155726269, 'l2c': 0.48114382512911924, 'p3c': 0.38368004398714206, 'l3c': 0.45765291326320745, 'human': None, 'model': 'shiyue/roberta-large-tac08'}

Usually, "p2c" should be taken as the final score. When using the zero-shot NLI model (i.e., ynie/roberta-large-snli_mnli_fever_anli_R1_R2_R3-nli), "l3c" should be used.

To extract STUs:

python --extract_stus --reference data/REALSumm/references.txt --doc_id data/REALSumm/ids.txt --output_dir data/REALSumm --use_coref --device 0

Then, the extracted STUs for REALSumm references will be saved in "data/REALSumm/STUs.txt". Besides, two intermediate files (ref_srls.pkl and ref_corefs.pkl) will also be saved under "data/REALSumm".

To get its Lite2.5Pyramid score (using the regressor trained on TAC2008):

python --unit data/REALSumm/STUs_SCUs_percentage50.txt --summary data/REALSumm/summaries/abs_bart_out.summary --device 0

expected output: {'p2c': 0.47894588174027, 'l2c': 0.4990391414141414, 'p3c': 0.40794726118628005, 'l3c': 0.478387445887446, 'human': None, 'model': 'shiyue/roberta-large-tac08'}

To mix STUs and SCUs, SCUs need to be first obtained. Then, the percentage of STUs need to be specified, e.g., if it is 50, then there will be 50% STUs + 50% SCUs. Besides, we also need to specify the regressor used for mixing STUs and SCUs.

python --mix_stus_and_scus --stu_percentage 50 --scus_file data/REALSumm/SCUs.txt --regressor regressors/TAC08/all_xgb.json --reference data/REALSumm/references.txt --doc_id data/REALSumm/ids.txt --output_dir data/REALSumm --use_coref --device 0

If you have intermediate SRL and Coreference results saved, you can use the following command to save time.

python --mix_stus_and_scus --stu_percentage 50 --scus_file data/REALSumm/SCUs.txt --regressor regressors/TAC08/all_xgb.json --reference data/REALSumm/references.txt --srl_file data/REALSumm/ref_srls.pkl --coref_file data/REALSumm/ref_corefs.pkl --doc_id data/REALSumm/ids.txt --output_dir data/REALSumm --use_coref --device 0


Similar to REALSumm, run the following command to get the Lite2Pyramid score for abstractive T5-large summaries for 100 XSum examples.

python --unit data/PyrXSum/SCUs.txt --summary data/PyrXSum/summaries/t5-large.summary --label data/PyrXSum/labels/t5-large.label --device 0

expected output: {'p2c': 0.354199199620129, 'l2c': 0.37358008658008657, 'p3c': 0.27956780085637617, 'l3c': 0.32769913419913416, 'human': 0.29117532467532464, 'model': 'shiyue/roberta-large-tac08'}

When set "--unit data/PyrXSum/STUs.txt", it will give the Lite3Pyramid score.

Similar to REALSumm (except, do not use --use_coref), To extract STUs:

python --extract_stus --reference data/PyrXSum/references.txt --doc_id data/PyrXSum/ids.txt --output_dir data/PyrXSum/ --device 0

One intermediate file (ref_srls.pkl) will also be saved under "data/PyrXSum".

To mix STUs and SCUs,

python --mix_stus_and_scus --stu_percentage 50 --scus_file data/PyrXSum/SCUs.txt --regressor regressors/TAC08/all_xgb.json --reference data/PyrXSum/references.txt --srl_file data/PyrXSum/ref_srls.pkl --doc_id data/PyrXSum/ids.txt --output_dir data/PyrXSum/ --device 0

Pretrained NLI Models

We provide the zero-shot NLI model and 4 other NLI models finetuned on the 4 meta-evaluation sets respectively.

We suggest using X-finetuned NLI model on X dataset. When evaluating on a new dataset, we suggest using TAC08-finetuned model (i.e., shiyue/roberta-large-tac08) by default.

pretrained or finutuned on Huggingface hub name
SNLI+MNLI+FEVER+ANLI ynie/roberta-large-snli_mnli_fever_anli_R1_R2_R3-nli
TAC2008 shiyue/roberta-large-tac08
TAC2009 shiyue/roberta-large-tac09
REALSumm shiyue/roberta-large-realsumm
PyrXSum shiyue/roberta-large-pyrxsum


See reproduce


  • reproduction code for cross-validation experiments on TAC08/09/PyrXSum
  • reproduction code for out-of-the-box experiments
  • provide version control via pypi package
  • provide support through sacrerouge


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