A simple music player built by electron and vue
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Gokotta Dependency Status devDependency Status


Gokotta is a simple music player, built by electron and vue.

Note: This project is still in developing with many bugs, and using some experimental features. DO NOT use it on production

support format: mp3, aac and wav


MacOS: https://github.com/Zhangdroid/Gokotta/releases

Linux and Windows will be coming soon.


Just click add and chose your music folder.


git clone https://github.com/Zhangdroid/Gokotta.git
cd Gokotta && npm install


Run this two commands in different console tabs:

npm run dev-server
npm run dev


npm run release

Or run this command for all platform:

npm run release-all


  • Search
  • Setting
  • Support Windows and Linux
  • Custom list
  • Plugin support
  • Core Plugin(lyric, ID3 editor, Equalizer...)



MIT License