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An Integrated VLBI simulation platform for radio astronomers
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I am trying to develop an integrated VLBI simulator, named VNSIM, for the VLBI research community. This work is initially motivated by the demand of the East Asia VLBI Networks and can also be expandable to other VLBI networks and generic interferometers.

VNSIM aims to assist radio astronomers to design, evaluate and simulate the VLBI experiments in a more friendly, flexible, and convenient fashion. It not only integrates the functionality of plotting (u, v) coverage, scheduling the observation, and displaying the dirty and CLEAN images, but also further extends to add new features such as the sensitivity calculation of a certain network and multiple-satellite space VLBI simulations. To facilitate the use for new astronomers, VNSIM provides flexible interactions on both command line and graphical user interface and offers friendly support for log report and database management.

In addition to the source code, there are some other materials that can help you better get started.

If you want to have a private discussion, please email me at zhen dot zhao at outlook dot com. But replies are not guaranteed.

With the GNU General Public License, feel free to use the source code for you own development purpose, but only for the research.

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