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Spin language compiler in C#
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HomeSpun is a compiler for the Spin language as used on the Propeller micro-controller from Parallax Inc.

Author: Michael Park.

License: Michael was most generous in releasing HomeSpun under the MIT license see the announcement here:

For further information check the wikispaces page:

This repo is created from the VS2012 project for HomeSpun v0.32 provided by Batang on the Parallax forums:

NOTE: There is no plan for future development on this repo. There is a development repo on Google Code:

Build - Debian

HomeSpun will compile on Debian using the Mono tool chain.

$ sudo apt-get install mono-complete

$ cd HomeSpun

$ xbuild HomeSpun.csproj

Will produce executables HomeSpun/bin/Debug/HomeSpun.exe and HomeSpun/bin/Debug/HomeSpun.exe

Run with:

$ mono HomeSpun.exe

Build - Windows

No idea. I guess you just hit a button in VS012 somewhere.

Run on Raspberry Pi !

HomeSpun.exe runs fine on the Raspi only requiring a couple of mono packages (No need to build it there of course):

$ sudo apt-get install mono-runtime

$ sudo apt-get install libmono-corlib2.0-cil

$ mono HomeSpun.exe

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