[CS:S/CS:GO] Timer for surf, bhop, climb, deathrun, minigame and more
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General Info

  • The plugin's code is based on Alongub's [Old Timer 1.0.7] (https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=189751).
  • Timer 1.x and 2.0.x records can be converted for a donation,
  • But it's better to start with a fresh database if you have used an older version as 2.1.3
  • It is completely modular and extensible (private addons can be requested, just PN me).
  • It measures the time, jumps, strafes, etc. it takes players to finish the map.
  • Players can choose their level of difficulty (style). (Each style is seperated by ranking, physics, etc.)
  • You can create up to 32 styles and mix their settings with many adjustments.
  • It has an advanced world record system. There are also more advanceds stats available like playerinfo, latest records, etc.
  • A map start and end is determined by map zones. You can add map zones in-game ([video (outdated)] (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YAX7FAF_N8Q)).
  • There are also glitch map zones, that try to stop players from exploiting map bugs that can possibly be used to cheat the timer (~ zones types).
  • It has a customizable HUD that displays players their current timer and other info (or if you're a spectator it displays the timer of the player you're spectating).
  • It has a Chatrank system which is based on a points-system.
  • It supports only MySQL and is almost threaded to prevent laggs by your database.
  • It supports CS:S and CS:GO (not all features are working on CS:GO).
  • PHP-Stats to show top players/maps on your website
  • You can also use custom sprites for zone beam effects ([video tutorial] (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uka1Iq_I6W4&feature=youtu.be)).
  • There are also many other optional modules.


  • CS:S or CS:GO gameserver
  • MySQL database (SqLite isn't supported)
  • MetaMod:Source & Sourcemod 1.6.x+
  • Additional various requirements for some modules


////////////////////////////// /////INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS///// //////////////////////////////

1.) Download the plugin at https://github.com/Zipcore/Timer

2.) CS:GO color support: Continue with 3.) and skip this part if you are running a CS:S server. For CS:GO you have to follow step 2 first!

2.1) Open scripting/include/timer.inc with a text editor (like Notepad++)
2.2) Find the following line - //#define LEGACY_COLORS "CS:GO Color Support"
2.3) Remove // in front of #define and close it

3.) Compiling 3.1) Download at least Sourcemod v1.5 and extract it into your desktop. 3.2) Goto addons/sourcemod/scripting/include and fill it with all files this timer provides from same folder. 3.3) Drag and drop needed SP files onto spcomp.exe inside addons/sourcemod/scripting to compile them it should create all needed SMX files.

4.) Upload all SMX files, configs, sounds and materials onto your server.

5.) Insert "timer" keyvalue into configs/databases.cfg (no sqlite support).

6.) Change configs/timer/settings.cfg to your needs

7.) Change configs/timer/physics.cfg to your needs (the folder contains some example files for bhop, surf, etc.)

7.) Skip this part if you don't like to run Chatranks/Points ranking/Skillrank Depending on if you run a CS:GO or CS:S server, rename csgo-rankings.cfg/css-rankings.cfg to rankings.cfg (addons/sourcemod/configs/timer) to enable the ranking module. 6.1) Compile simple-chatprocessor.sp and upload it to your server to enable chatranks.

8.) Restart your server.

9.) Start creating zones or use included mappacks inside addons/sourcemod/gamedata/MySQL

////////////////////////////// /////Update instructions////// //////////////////////////////

Update 2.0.x to 2.1.x: 1.) Make a backup of your mapzone, round and maptier table. 2.) Delete mapzone, round and maptier table. 3.) Delete "create table" lines of you backup files (Notepad++). 4.) Import modified backups.

////////////////////////////// //////Compability Info//////// //////////////////////////////

  • Noblock (Included into Mapzone module)
  • MultiPlayer Bunny Hops (Included into Physics module)
  • Autobhop (Included into Physics module)
  • Godmode (Build-in godmode into Physics module, with PvP Arena zone)
  • SMAC autotrigger (Included into Scripter-SMAC module)
  • Macrodox - Bhop cheat detection (Included into Scripter-Macrodox module)

////////////////////////////// //////Usefull CVAR list///////

  • sv_accelerate "10" (Ground control)
  • sv_wateraccelerate "150" (Water control)
  • sv_airaccelerate "150" (Air control)
  • sv_enablebunnyhopping "1" (Disable speed limit)
  • sv_maxvelocity "9999" (Increase max. possible speed)
  • mp_fal