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Ziptastic PHP

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This library is a simple interface for the Ziptastic API.

Using Ziptastic requires an API key.


Ziptastic PHP can be installed via composer:

composer require ziptastic/ziptastic

Ziptastic PHP relies on HTTPlug to make API requests. HTTPlug is an abstraction which allows you to choose from any one of a large number of HTTP clients, including the client you might already have installed.

For more information on getting started with HTTPlug, please refer to the HTTPlug for library users documentation.

To just get moving right now, install a couple common dependencies:

composer require php-http/curl-client guzzlehttp/psr7 php-http/message



include "vendor/autoload.php";

use Ziptastic\Client;

$z = Client::create(getenv('ZIPTASTIC_API_KEY'));

Ziptastic provides two API methods: Lookup by a postal code (forward lookup), and lookup by latitude and longitude (reverse lookup).

$result = $z->forward(48038);
$result = $z->reverse(42.331427, -83.0457538, 1000);

Results are returned as a list of arrays:


$lookup = current($result);
echo $lookup['county']; // Macomb
echo $lookup['city']; // Clinton Township
echo $lookup['state']; // Michigan
echo $lookup['state_short']; // MI
echo $lookup['postal_code']; // 48038
echo $lookup['latitude']; // 42.5868882
echo $lookup['longitude']; // -82.9195514

// Timezones are represented by an instance of \DateTimeZone
echo $lookup['timezone']->getName(); // America/Detroit


If you require PHP 5 compatibility, please use Ziptastic-PHP version 1.


Ziptastic PHP is licensed under the MIT license.