An Underdark-themed roguelike for T-Engine
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The Veins of the Earth

"A fantasy d20-themed dungeon crawler", to quote DarkGod's comment.

Requires T-Engine 1.4.0.

Click t-engine.exe to run.

Based on the OGL license (included).


  • Zireael
  • Sebsebeleb
  • DarkGod
  • Castler
  • desophos
  • /u/Ozymandias79

Key features:

Based on the OGL license If you've ever played any of the games released on the Open Game Licence, whether computer or tabletop, you will find many things familiar. Same if you played any AD&D-derived games (Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, Angband)...

Tiles The game uses freely available tiles which have been used in several Angband variants, so they are tried and proven.

Tooltips Don't know what that spell or ability or monster is? Just mouse over it. Lots of readily accessible info for the player.

Help Still stuck? Press F1 or H.

Turn-based You make your action and enemies take theirs.

Grid-based In true roguelike spirit.

Thanks to:

  • Daniel E.Gervais for releasing his tiles under Creative Commons
  • Julian Mensch aka Journeyman for releasing Incursion as open source and OGL
  • Marson from forums for his Bosses AWOL, Marson UI & Dev Tools addons
  • Lost Garden for free graphics
  • rsaarelm from #rgrd for coming up with the name "Veins of the Earth"
  • Grey, HousePet for coding help
  • Zonk for brainstorming
  • Leissi for brainstorming and testing
  • AuraOfTheDawn for testing & coming up with a nice meme
  • grazz for two small fixes
  • lukep for Combat.lua patch and testing