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A bot named Duga for chat rooms on the Stack Exchange network. Responsibilities include:

  • When used as a Github webhook, instantly informs a chatroom about the activity
  • Can make requests to Github's API every now and then to check for recent events, informs a chat room if there is activity
  • Uses the Stack Exchange API to check comments refering users to Code Review and Programmers. Posts these comments in The 2nd Monitor and The Whiteboard, respectively.
  • Listens for chat commands in Duga's Playground.


In the directory grails-app/conf, create a file named duga.groovy

// Configurations for the bot's Stack Exchange account:
rootUrl = ''
email = ''
password = 'yourpassword'

// API configuration
stackAPI = 'xxxxxxxxx'
githubAPI = 'xxxxxxxxx'
commandPrefix = '@Duga ' // chat messages that begins with this will be considered as commands

// Database configuration
adminDefaultPass = 'xxxxxxxxx' // default password for username 'admin'

dataSource {
    username = 'xxxxxxxxx'
    password = 'xxxxxxxxx'

Also see the bottom part of grails-app/conf/application.groovy for more database configuration options.

Bot account setup

In order to run a StackExchange account as a bot, you need to follow the following steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Create an account.
  3. Create a StackExchange account on
  4. Make sure you can log in to it.
  5. Create an account on a specific site, for example
  6. Earn 20 reputation, following the rules of the particular site.
  7. Log in to
  8. Confirm that you can talk.

Import project into IntelliJ

On Mac OS X, you might get this error when trying to import the project from build.gradle:

Unsupported major.minor version 51.0 asset/pipeline/gradle/AssetPipelinePlugin : invalid plugin

A workaround is to have Gradle generate IntelliJ's files:

./gradlew idea

Select File / Open..., and select the directory of the project.

IntelliJ might still pop-up a window to import as a Gradle project, which may result in the same error. I had no choice to cancel that import, but actually everything worked fine.

If you still experience problems, this page might help:

Build and run tests

To build the project and run all tests:

./gradlew build