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Network scanner and mac address list compiler. For use with Wake-Send.ps1.
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Network scanner and MAC address list compiler. For use with Wake-Send.ps1

Developed in conjunction with my Wake-Send.ps1 PowerShell script, I needed a reliable and up-to-date source of device MAC addresses on the network so I could construct a magic packet containing a target PC's MAC address data. Enter Parses nmap output, self-cleans repeat entries, is multi-hostname-aware, and would require no maintenance or afterthought. Runs on any Linux server you have lying around that's online on your target network. I run it on a 30 minute cron, and scp it to a network location where Wake-Send.ps1 can access it.


  1. nmap and awk
  2. Properly configured DNS for nmap to resolve target hostnames.

As network packets lose their original source MAC address after passing through routers, this script can only collect data from the executing host's same network/subnet. To collect from multiple subnets you will need a host running the script on each subnet.


  1. Edit script source with your relevant IP range and domain name information.
  2. Must be run as root for Nmap to see host MAC address data.
  3. Most effective when run frequently to collect new devices.
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