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A Bash script for setting or clearing touch requirements for cryptographic operations in the OpenPGP application on a YubiKey 4 or YubiKey 5.


This tool has been superseded in functionality by YubiKey Manager (currently only the CLI side). However, some people have shown interest in keeping this script around for ease of use and because of its smaller surface / fewer dependencies.


  • gpg-connect-agent for talking to the device
  • pinentry (any kind, optional) for reading the admin PIN
  • xxd or od for hex/ASCII conversion


Run the tool as:

./ {all|sig|aut|dec} {get|off|on|fix|cacheon|cachefix} [admin_pin]

where the parameters indicate the following:

{all|sig|aut|dec|att} All keys, signature, authentication, decryption or attestation key
{get|off|on|fix|cacheon|cachefix} Touch setting to use
[admin_pin] The Admin PIN of the YubiKey (optional)

Key choice

The five possible values for the key parameter are explained below.

Loop over all keys
Key used for digital signatures
Key used for authentication (e.g. SSH)
Key used for decryption
Key used for attestation. YubiKey 5.2.2 and later

The attestation functionality is a Yubico proprietary extension. More information available here.

Touch settings

The six possible touch settings are explained below.

Read out the current touch setting of the private key
Touch is not required to use the private key
Touch is required to use the private key
Same as on, plus it can only be reset by deleting/overwriting the private key
Same as on, plus each touch event is cached for 15 seconds. YubiKey 5.2.1 and later
Combination of cacheon and fix. This setting can be changed to the more restrictive fix. YubiKey 5.2.1 and later

Setting the touch option to fix will cause any subsequent invocation of this script on that same subkey to do nothing. The only way to reset this is by generating or importing a new key for that slot.

Setting the touch option to cacheon or cachefix on a key will make the device “remember” a touch event for 15 seconds allowing commands requiring touch that are sent to the OpenPGP application to behave is if touch was provided. The touch timeout counter is not reset after an implicit touch. It is not possible to change the 15 seconds value.

Once set to cachefix, the touch option can only be changed to fix. To change it to any other value a new key must be generated or imported.

PIN input

If a PIN is provided through the command line, make sure to escape/quote it if it contains special characters like $. Also, be mindful of having sensitive data stored in your shell history.

If the Admin PIN is not provided through the command line, the tool will ask the user for it. If a version of pinentry is available it will be used, otherwise it will fall back to reading standard input. If all is used for the key parameter then the tool will ask the user only once for it.

Personalization advice

To mitigate the fact that this tool needs to interact with the Admin PIN of a device, it is advisable to run the script after having generated/imported keys, but before doing the full device personalization. Specifically, using this tool on a YubiKey that still has the default Admin PIN (12345678) set.


Bash script for setting or clearing touch requirements for # cryptographic operations the OpenPGP application on a YubiKey 4







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