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Curse of War is a fast-paced action strategy game for Linux implemented using C and ncurses. SDL version is available since v1.2.

Unlike most RTS, you are not controlling units, but focus on high-level strategic planning: Building infrastructure, securing resources, and moving your armies. The core game mechanics turns out to be quite close to WWI-WWII type of warfare, however, there is no explicit reference to any historical period.

Multiplayer mode is avaialble.

Packages for popular Linux distributions:

If you make a package for your distribution, please add it to this wiki, or send us a message.

Where to get more information:
The official Curse of War webpage.
Read full README.
Also feel free to contact us or follow our news on Twitter:


The most recent video by gotbletu:

One recorded game session, and a short "How to play" video:

Quick start

A good and easy mode to start playing:

$ curseofwar -i4 -q1 -dee

Or, on a smaller map:

$ curseofwar -i4 -q1 -dee -W16 -H16

Option -i sets inequality level, 4=high, 0=low. -q1 gives you the best starting location, and -dee sets easy difficulty level of AI. To learn more about these and many other command line arguments, see help $ curseofwar -h


  1. Cities (W#W, i=i, and n) increase your country's population
  2. Gold mines (/$\) give your gold, which is used to build new cities.
  3. Put flags on the map to move your army. Press space to add and remove flags.
  4. You play as the ruler of the green country.
  5. Computer opponents have different personalities and different approach to control their armies
  6. Game conditions can be adjusted with command line arguments, see $ curseofwar -h


Arrow keys and H, J, K, L are for moving the cursor

R or V to build village -> town -> castle

Space to add/remove a flag

X to remove all your flags

C to remove a half of your flags


To start a server for two players:

$ curseofwar -E 2

To start a client and connect to the server:

$ curseofwar -C <server's IP> 

To play with another person, you start a server, and both players start their clients, connecting to this server (i.e. if you run the server, you should connect to your own IP, See the last section of the README file for details.




  • IRC: #curseofwar on
  • News on Twitter.