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Arma 3 Preset Generator

Customizable Arma 3 Launcher preset files generated client side from a list of steam workshop IDs.


  • preset sharing made effortless πŸ’š
  • optional mods can be customized on a simple UI on the fly
  • outputs standard Arma 3 Launcher preset files
  • remembers previously selected optional mods
  • mod data caching on the client side

URL format

All the preset information (preset name, mods/collections, DLCs, optional flags) is stored in the app URL's query string component.
Additional information is fetched from various steam APIs but the steam workshop is considered the single source of truth.

Preset name

Custom preset name / file name can be appended to the URL after ?.
Only alphanumeric characters + _ is allowed.
If the preset name is set, the ID list must be separated with =.

ID list

Comma , separated list of IDs evaluated from left to right in order. Appended to the URL after ? or =.
Mods inherit the optional flag from collections but the last state in order affecting a mod takes precendece when rendering the UI. (see example C4G RHS KotH)

This means that you can override the optional flags of certain items in collections to extend or restrict them. In other words it allows you to mix and combine existing collections and mods to customize the required and optional mods in any way you like.

The selected optional mods are remembered client side in relation to the preset name.
You should also take advantage of the workshop collection feature and create permanent links with workshop IDs pointing to the currently used required and optional collections. (see examples FNF and FNF WW2)

Optional mods

Append or prepend a * to flag an ID optional.

Workshop IDs (collection, mod)

Only numbers and the optional * prefix/suffix is allowed.


Items starting with ! are added to the preset as DLC/CDLC AppIDs.
Only numbers and the optional * prefix/suffix is allowed.

Local mod IDs

Items starting with @ are added to the preset as local mods.
Only alphanumeric characters + _ and the optional * prefix/suffix is allowed.


Self hosting

NodeJS or PHP runtime is required to relay backend calls to the steam API. (CORS disabled πŸ˜”)
Spin up an instance on http://localhost/ with one of these commands:

  • nodejs: node server.js
  • php: php -S
  • docker (php): docker-compose up

The app can be served from under any subdomain or path.

Environmental variables

CACHE_MAX_AGE env var controls the browser cache for backend requests in seconds. (default: 0)

Similar projects


  • python backend
  • prompt for the preset name before saving if it's not set
  • resolve unmet workshop dependencies on demand
  • preset file to URL converter
  • add a section for the most recently updated mods ordered by date DESC
  • show mod size and last update on hover in modlist