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Amp Factory

Amp Factory is a collection of free (as in "free speech", not "free beer") electronic schematics for tube amplifiers dedicated to guitar and bass.

A-wai Amplification

The documents in the "a-wai" directory are the schematics for amplifiers manufactured by A-wai Amplification, a one-person company building handwired amplifiers in Toulouse, France.

These schematics are licensed under the terms of the version 3 of the GNU General Public License. Therefore, you are granted the right to use, modify and/or redistribute these documents under certain conditions, listed in the GNU General Public License (see LICENSE file or the GNU website at

The schematics are offered in two file formats :

  • a .pdf for easy viewing and printing
  • a .jsch file, which you can edit using the JSchem free software (

Contributed schematics

The "contrib" directory holds the schematics for amplifiers not manufactured by A-wai Amplification.

These schematics are the property of their respective owners, while still being offered under the terms of a free software license.

In that respect, they are also provided in a printable pdf version, as well as an editable version.

Non-free schematics

Finally, the "non-free" directory holds a collection of schematics gathered from the web. These schematics are only available in printable form, and you cannot modify these files.

How to contribute

You can send me your schematics to : info [AT] a-wai [DOTCOM]

Please be aware that any contribution has to relate to an amplifier already built and proven to work as expected, and be offered under a GPL-compatible license, in both printable and editable file formats.

There may be a few exceptions regarding very rare amplifiers which would present a particular interest from a technical point of view, but they must be strictly considered this way -- exceptions.


A collection of tube amplifier schematics for guitar and bass







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