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Matrix Stats


Matrix room:


Matrixstats screenshot 1 Matrixstats screenshot 2

Installation (dev version)


  • python 3.6+
  • postgresql 10.0+

1. Clone the repository

Clone the repository:

2. Install the requirements

Install all the project requirements via pip:

pip install -r source/requirements.pip

(optional) use virtualenv and python-virtualenvwrapper for installation

3. Create a database

Open the postgres shell via psql and run the following:

CREATE DATABASE matrixstats;
CREATE USER matrixstats WITH PASSWORD 'matrixstats';
GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON DATABASE matrixstats TO matrixstats;

4. Set environment variables

Fill environment template with your own settings:

vi source/matrix_stats/settings/env_template

Activate the environment file:

set -a
source source/matrix_stats/settings/env_template
set +a

(optional) add this code to virualenv postactivation hooks /home/<user_name>/.virtualenvs/<env_name>/bin/postactivate

5. Apply database migrations

Apply database migrations:

python migrate

6. Run dev server

Run development server, listening on

python runserver

(optional) Add admin account via python createsuperuser with admin page on

Additional info

Some ratings (7/30/90 days based) may work weird on development server due to lacking statistical data. It's OK if there are some empty widgets on the main page.