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Ann Arbor Ultimate League Web Application
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Ultimate Frisbee League Web Application

Install Development Environment

Start in the root of ultimate-league-app

./bin/ dev
cd src/
npm install
cp ultimate/settings/
cp ultimate/settings/

You will then want to update the and Mainly, you need your database credentials. Other stuff toward the bottom is necessary for full functionality (e.g. Google Cal, PayPal, etc.).

Run the Development Environment

Again from the the root of ultimate-league-app, you will use two different terminal tabs/windows for this:

source env/dev/bin/activate
cd src/
./ runserver_plus
cd src/
npm run dev

Update a Production Environment

Once you are deployed in production, you can pull new code and update with the following:

git pull
source env/prod/bin/activate
cd src/
pip install -r requirements/prod.txt
./ migrate
npm run build
./ collectstatic

Then, you will want to restart your server service.

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