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Provide pre-minified code #61

remy opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Let's be honest, most web devs are going to copy and paste. I'm in the process of updating the googlecode repos to the latest code (I kinda thought I was supposed to hold off releasing "pre" - but it sounds like it's stable).

Anyway, I've remove the hotlinking, forcing users to now download - but we're lazy users and they'll want the easiest solution otherwise a lot will not bother. I'm offering up a pre-minified version of the code here, but it strikes me if I can link directly to pre-minified code on this repo - then if the user hits download from the googlecode site - it'll land here (a good thing I think we can agree).


sounds good. shall we do a minified /dist/html5shiv.js then?

@aFarkas aFarkas closed this

Getting the lib from google code or github raw isn't optimal (bad headers, bad caching, no compression). Wouldn't it be better to it up at (or update, seems an old version lives there)


@bjornharrtell in html5shiv's case you basically DEFINITELY want the latest version always. we dont want people to manually update. currently cdnjs and google's cdn can't support this model very well, so IMO it makes more sense to host it locally

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