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This scans your laravel project for used locale keys that aren't translated by your locale files.
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Translation helpers for Laravel 5

NOTE: As of laravel 5.2.20 you need version ^0.1.4. For laravel 5.2.19 or lower you need version 0.1.3 of this package.

This package provides you with commands to analyze the translation keys used in your Laravel 5 application.

These commands can detect untranslated and invalid keys.

Alt text


composer require robinfranssen/analyzelocale --dev

Add the service provider:

// config/app.php

'providers' => [


From the command line, run php artisan locale:scan to see a full overview of the analyzation. This will show you all information provided by the three other locale commands.

Alt text

php artisan locale:invalid will show you the invalid keys.

Alt text

php artisan locale:untranslated will show you the untranslated keys.

Alt text

php artisan locale:allkeys will show you a table with untranslated and invalid keys.

Alt text

Every command supports the --locale flag. For example: php artisan locale:allkeys --locale=nl

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