Counter for days since SC announced formation of constitutional bench for aadhaar
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Aadhaar-SC counts the number of days that has passed since the Supreme Court has said, it will form a judicial bench to hear the Aadhaar Privacy case.

Remember this scene from Zero Dark Thirty? Maya writing angrily on the glass panel of her boss pushing him to act on the information she gave, this is something like that.


Join the push

Are you angry that the privacy of us, citizens of this country, is not being defended in time? Do you feel you want to let someone know you care?

This is what I am doing. I am using this counter and sharing this message daily to keep the issue in public conscience via social media. If enough people shout, if enough people join the push, I believe action will be taken.

Here are a few ways to show that you care about this too.

1. Share this message in social media - Daily

Yes, take 30 seconds daily to go to and click on the share buttons.

2. Let the people of your language get the message

Check the i18n folder. If there is no translation in your language, fork this repo and contribute your translation

3. Host a similar page yourself and let people know

Clone this project, update the links and meta tags in index.html, go to settings and enable github pages. You have your own copy of the counter. Share and let people know.


Thank you @srikanthlogic for the inspiration.