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A React web application that connects people who don't want to wait in line, with people that do.
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When lines get long, everyone wins...

Table of Contents

  1. Team
  2. Usage
  3. Requirements
  4. Development
    1. Installing Dependencies
    2. How to start the app
  5. Contributing


  • Product Owner: Doris Chiu
  • Scrum Master: Rodolfo Rodriguez
  • Development Team Members: Adam Alcott


To start using Q, simply go to the site and create an account with our app or login through Google. You will be redirected to the home page, where you can see all available Qs. You can sort them by amount, date, or filter by location. To create your own Q event, simply click the "+" button at top right of the page, fill out the form accordingly, and submit. On the homepage, there's also a button to view Qs you have created.



Installing dependencies

  1. Install app dependencies
    $ npm install
  2. Install client dependencies
    $ cd client && npm install

How to Start the App

  1. Setup the mysql server:
    $ mysql -u root < schema.sql
  2. Start the front end, and backend servers:
    $ npm run all


  1. Setup the mysql server:
    $ mysql -u root < schema.sql
    $ mysql
    mysql> use q;
  2. Start the backend server
    $ npm start
  3. Start the front end server
    $ cd client && npm start

Developing on Q

At this point, you should be able to access the application at localhost:3000 and requests to the server should be sent to localhost:8080. To access the React Developer Tools, download the Chrome Extension or the Firefox Add Ons. Open the Developer Tools on page on the browser and click on React to access the React Dev Tools.


View the project roadmap here


See for styling guidelines. This project uses Airbnb's javascript guideline with eslint as the linter.


See for contribution guidelines.

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