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AArch64 Laptop Prebuilt Images


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This repos offers the latest prebuilt images for your consumption. There are currently 2 images available:

  • Complete prebuilt (configured) image

    • This image is almost (see below) ready for booting
  • Clean (not configured) Ubuntu Bionic image

Complete prebuilt (configured) image

This image is ready to be flashed onto an SD card to boot any one of the 3 devices currently supported by this project:

  • Asus NovaGo TP370QL
  • HP Envy x2
  • Lenovo Mixx 630

IMPORTANT: This image must be flashed using the Flash Tool provided by this repo.

If the Flash Tool is not used, the image will not boot. If you find yourself in this situation you can do the following:

$ sudo mount /dev/<SD_CARD>2 <SDCARD_MOUNT_POINT>
$ ln -s /boot/<LAPTOP_DTB> <SDCARD_MOUNT_POINT>/boot/laptop.dtb

Where <LAPTOP_DTB> is either laptop-asus-tp370ql.dtb for the Asus NovaGo TP370QL or laptop-hp-envy-x2.dtb for HP Envy x2 and Lenovo Mixx 630

Note: Currently there are no known differences between the later 2 devices, so they use the same DTB.


$ sudo mount /dev/sda2 /mnt
$ ln -s /boot/laptop-asus-tp370ql.dtb /mnt/boot/laptop.dtb

Note: Obviously this will only work if your machine enumerated the SD card at /dev/sda and you wish to boot the Asus NovaGO TP370QL.

Flash Tool

To use the Flash Tool, do the following:

  1. Download the latest Prebuilt Image and make it executable
  2. Download the Flash Tool
  3. Use the Flash Tool to flash the latest Prebuilt Image onto the SD card


$ wget
$ wget
$ chmod +x
$ ./ asus-tp370ql /dev/sda

Once complete, place the SD card into your machine and boot.

If you need help with that see the Booting into Ubuntu section of the Image Builder README.

Clean (not configured) Ubuntu Bionic image

This image is consumed by the CI loop and by the Image Builder when the Quick Start Script is used.

When used, it provides the following benefits:

  1. The build can be completely unattended
  2. Saves a great deal of time (2 hours) in the Ubuntu installer

Note: This image is not bootable on its own.

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