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.NET Core SDK templates for bootstrapping new Aardvark projects
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.NET Core SDK templates for bootstrapping new Aardvark projects.


$ dotnet new -i Aardvark.Templates

How to create project

After installation two templates will be added:

$ dotnet new


Templates                                         Short Name              Language          Tags
Aardvark.Rendering Application                    aardvark.rendering      F#                Aardvark
Aardvark.UI Application                           aardvark.ui             F#                Aardvark

To create project use dotnet new command:

$ mkdir TestApp
$ cd TestApp
$ dotnet new aardvark.ui --backend opengl

There are two backends that are available for aardvark applications: OpenGL and Vulkan. You can choose between them using parameter --backend. You can see description of the parameter:

$ dotnet new aardvark.ui --help

After creation our test application let's build and run it:

$ dotnet build
$ dotnet run -c Release


To build and test templates from package use dotnet pack:

$ dotnet pack -c Release
$ dotnet new -i .\bin\Release\Aardvark.Templates.1.0.0.nupkg

All templates' projects are also runnable from repository, it might be useful for testing:

$ dotnet run -c Release -p .\templates\Aardvark.Template.Rendering.FSharp\OpenGL\Aardvark.Template.Rendering.OpenGL.fsproj
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