Adds new options to MojoMotor's native page_list tag
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#Page List Plus

Page List Plus expands the options available to MojoMotor's native page_list tag

Version: 1.3.4


License: OSL3


1.3.x (feb 2012)

  • list items have a class (instead of ID) mojo_page_list_url_title, so you can have multiple lists on a page.


Drop the "pagelistplus" folder into MojoMotor's "/system/mojomotor/third-party" folder.



This outputs a navigation menu, almost identical to MojoMotor's {mojo:site:page_list} tag.

  • every page item in the list has a CSS class set to "mojo_page_list_url_title"
  • every page that has children, has class "has_kids"
  • the current active page has class "mojo_active"
  • every active parent-page has class "parent_active"


pagelistplus accepts the default mojomotor page_list parameters
page, depth, class, id, plus some extra


The "start" parameter tells the tag from where to start building the menu.
There are several options to choose from

Starts from the current page.

Start at the current page's immediate parent. If the current page is top level, outputs nothing.

Starts at the current page's root parent. Shows all the children of the topmost page.


When set to yes, only child-pages of the current page will be shown, one level deep. Other pages with children do have a class "has_kids".


Output the page title of the page specified in the start or page parameter,
wrapped in a HTML tag. header="h1/h2/p/div/etc..."


If set to "yes", the header text will also be wrapped with a link

###prepend= and append="some text or HTML"

If a page_list is output, prepend/append some custom text or HTML


By default, when a page_list is empty, nothing will be output (e.g. when start=root but the page has no children). When force_ouput=yes, page_list will always output any header and/or prepend and append text. For example, if you always want to show the header in a sidebar, regardless of any child-pages.


###{mojo:pagelistplus:page_list start="root" depth="1" id="top_nav"}


<ul id="top_nav">
	<li class="mojo_page_list_page1 mojo_active has_kids"><a href="">Welcome</a></li>
	<li class="mojo_page_list_page2"><a href="">About</a></li>

###{mojo:pagelistplus:page_list start="root" header_link="no" header="h3" id="side_nav"}


<ul id="side_nav">
	<li class="mojo_page_list_ut1"><a href="">some_page1</a></li>
	<li class="mojo_page_list_ut2"><a href="">some_page2</a></li>
	<li class="mojo_page_list_ut3 parent_active has_kids"><a href="">some_page3</a>
			<li class="mojo_page_list_ut4 mojo_active"><a href="">some_page4</a></li>
			<li class="mojo_page_list_ut5"><a href="">some_page5</a></li>