reposition windows to a pre-configured layout in mac os x
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repozish(1) -- mac os x window layout utility


repozish [-hg] [-a <app1>,<app2>,...] [<profile>]


nerd alert! repozish(1) repositions the windows of your applications to your preferred layout.

getting the positions and sizes of windows:

executing the following:

repozish -g -a Safari,Terminal,Twitter,MacVim

will get the current positions and sizes of the listed applications, and write them to your ~/.repozishrc file.

setting the positions and sizes of windows:

executing the following:


will read the positions of the files in ~/.repozishrc and position and size the apps accordingly.


gem install repozish

other notes

repozish(1) only operates on the front window of applications. it may not work as desired with applications that have more than one window.

repozish(1) will first use the application list passed in with the '-a' flag. if the '-a' flag isn't given, it will use the apps listed in ~/.repozishrc. otherwise it'll just like crash or something.

you may optionally specify a profile name. for instance if you want a different window layout when you're doing a preso or some crap:

repozish -ga Safari,Terminal,Twitter,MacVim alt_layout
repozish alt_layout

when you omit the profile, repozish(1) picks a default profile name that's specific to the monitor configuration. so as long as you've set up profiles for the monitors that are currently plugged in, you can just run:


and it will choose the appropriate layout for the attached screens.


-a, --apps app1,app2             apps to size and reposition
-g, --get                        'get' mode -- just write the apps' positions
-h, --help                       print this help message