A SubEthaEdit/Coda syntax mode for the jade templating language
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jade.mode is a jade syntax definition for SubEthaEdit & Coda. It is not complete, but it is useful. Please fork, make suggestions or otherwise help as you see fit.

Coda 2 support!

@bluestrike2 (Tom Stoecklein) has created a Coda 2 version of the mode. It is available in the coda2_master branch


Simply check out this repo into either ~/Library/Application Support/Coda/Modes or ~/Library/Application Support/SubEthaEdit/Modes, be sure to name the directory jade.mode.


  • Highlights all valid HTML5 tags
  • Supports embedded HTML
  • Highlights all text preceded by -, = or != as the first non-whitespace character as though it were Javascript
  • Highlights save (#{foo}) and unsafe (!{bar}) interpolations
  • Highlights doctype declarations (!!! or doctype or <!DOCTYPE style)
  • Highlights single-line comments
  • Highlights jade-specific keywords (block, extends, etc.) when they are the first non-whitespace character.

Known Issues

  • Multi-line comments are unsupported due to limitations of the syntax definition language used by SubEthaEdit & Coda (No capturing groups in regex)
  • Code that is not preceded by -, = or != as the first non-whitespace character is not highlighted
  • Code following a tag plus equal sign construct (eg, p= foo || 'bar') is not highlighted
  • Embedded JS blocks via script tag are currently not highlighted
  • Block expansion (eg, li.foo: a(href='bar')) is not supported only the first tag on the line is highlighted


Aaron McCall Tom Stoecklein (Coda 2 refactor)


James Menera gave me invaluable feedback and encouragement. Thanks, James!