sets nest value to Home/Away based on presence of mobile device(s) on the network
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sets nest value to Home/Away based on presence of mobile device(s) on the network


git clone
cd nest-mobile-presence
npm install


You'll need to setup a config file with your info. You can get your product information from your Nest developer products page

cd config
cp default.json.example default.json

Next edit the values in default.json with your editor of choice

  • client_id - Your application's Product ID
  • client_secret - Your application's Product Secret
  • ip_addresses - an array of ip addresses you wish to monitor (static IP of your mobile devices)
  • poll_interval_ms - The time between API checks and device polls, in milliseconds (default 30000)
vi default.json


Still haven't figured out a good way to do this. Any suggestions are welcome! After the first run, you should be presented with your PIN authoraization URL:

node app.js
[2015-12-11 19:51:31.974] [WARN] [default] - Configuration property "access_token" is not defined
[2015-12-11 19:51:32.002] [ERROR] [default] - Configuration property "auth_code" is not defined
[2015-12-11 19:51:32.006] [ERROR] [default] - Visit<your_client_id>&state=STATE to obtain an auth_code and place it in config/default.json

Visit that URL and you will be presented with an 8 digit alphanumeric PIN. Enter that pin into the default.json file you just edited

  "auth_code": "ABC1DEF2",
  "client_id": "<your_client_id>",
	"client_secret": "<your_client_secret>"

Once that's entered, just run the app and everything should fall into place!

node app.js