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Randomly generated visual with randomly generated formula
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folmura (DEMO)

Randomly generated visual with randomly generated formula.

Click/Tap to generate another one. Press the 'F' key to see the formulas.


Interesting random seeds

62065297 27197560 827394148 59931162 82205833 161440481 92028492 388848054 521822124 718006707 509235666 950816576 71464548 303599227 774417313 635382188 506507566 375615874 359947371 596174466 929464066 38676985 567782962

How to generate a visual

The canvas consists of points connected with lines. The position, size and color of each point are defined by variables:

x/y = horizontal/vertical position
w/h = width/height ((width + height) / 2 is used as a stroke weight of each line)
H/S/B = color (Hue/Saturation/Brightness)

Each variable is calculated by a randomly generated formula. The formula is generated with combination of functions:

v1 + v2, v1 - v2, v1 * v2, v1 / v2, 
sin(v1), cos(v1), exp(v1), pow(v1, v2), noise(v1), 
v1 > v2 ? v3 : v4

The functions described above or variables described below are placed recursively to v1-v4.

t = time (in seconds)
i = index of the point (each point has an index starting from 0)
a/b = random integer value (2 to 10)
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