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ABlog for blogging with Sphinx
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ABlog for Sphinx

ABlog is a Sphinx extension that converts any documentation or personal website project into a full-fledged blog with:


You can install ABlog using pip:

pip install -U ablog

This will also install Sphinx, Alabaster, Werkzeug, and Invoke respectively required for building your website, making it look good, generating feeds, and running deploy commands.

Getting Started

If you are starting a new project, see ABlog Quick Start guide.

If you already have a project, enable blogging by making following changes in

# 1. Add 'ablog' to list of extensions
extensions = [

# 2. Add ablog templates path
import ablog

# 2a. if `templates_path` is not defined
templates_path = [ablog.get_html_templates_path()]

# 2b. if `templates_path` is defined

How it works

If you are new to Sphinx and reStructuredText markup language, you might find reStructuredText Primer useful. Once you have content (in .rst files), you can post any page using the post directive as follows:

.. post:: Apr 15, 2014
   :tags: earth, love, peace
   :category: python
   :author: me
   :location: SF
   :language: en

ABlog will index all files posted as above and list them in archives and feeds specified in :tag:, :category:, etc. options.

You can also include a list of posts using postlist directive:

.. postlist::
   :list-style: circle
   :category: Manual
   :format: {title}

For ABlog documentation, this converts to the following where you can find more about configuring and using ABlog:

.. postlist::
   :category: Manual
   :list-style: circle
   :format: {title}

.. only:: html

   .. image::

   .. image::

.. toctree::

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