Cite4wiki Firefox extension for generating an English Wikipedia citation from any Web page (rewrite in Jetpack)
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Cite4wiki NG

This is a re-write of the Cite4wiki Firefox addon using Mozilla Jetpack.

Once it reaches feature parity with cite4wiki, I intend to add features such as:

  • support for multiple wiki templates (e.g. for Wikipedia in other languages)
  • support for citing books from book pages in OPACs
  • maintenance of the various payloads on Meta, to be updated by users
    • actual templates between tags. Documentation, help, examples, screenshots all around.
  • use of a script to grab latest payload definitions off Meta and generate fresh string-building code when packaging cite4wiki


For now, this lives on GitHub, here:

Eventually, I'd be happy to host it on WMF's git server.

Feedback welcome

I welcome feedback, bug reports, and patches! :)


This code is released under the GNU Affero Public License