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video.js for GWT

The main objective of this project is to provide video.js integration for GWT applications. You can add video player on a page and manage it with standard GWT api (like UiBinder or so).

The project contains two parts - player itself and sandbox for doing functional tests.

How to use it

First of all you need to add videojs-for-gwt into your project.


        <name>Repository for videojs-for-gwt artifacts</name>

Maven dependency:


Scope could be provided because it is client-only artifact.

Add inherits block into GWT module

<inherits name="com.videojs.VideoPlayer" />

And now you ready to use it in your code.

import com.videojs.client.VideoPlayer;


VideoPlayer player = new VideoPlayer(854, 480); // Create player with width/height

player.addSource(someUrl, VideoElement.TYPE_MP4); // Add video mp4 source

somePanel.add(player); // Add player into panel

And that is all.