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Can you guess the vegetable based on the displayed image? Type out your answers in the input box and spelling counts! Look out for the hints to help guide you. A two-player game with players assigned a keypress buzzer. Play continues until a player correctly identifies five vegetables.

This game was created as a front-end project during my time as a web development student at General Assembly, Seattle.

Technologies Used

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • jQuery UI
  • SweetAlert
  • Google Fonts

Approach Taken

Started off with wireframe sketches of the general look and layout of the browser game and then began to establish a basic HTML structure. From there, most of my time was spent working with javascript functions and jquery callbacks to bring the game to life. Established easy-to-remember variables and worked my way through javascript functions to mirror the gameplay. CSS and other miscellaneous styling were done near the end of the project in addition to sorting out bugs and other discrepancies with my code. I deployed the site onto github for online public access.

Known Issues

  • Buzzer functionality is active outside the normal gameplaying process, resulting in display of the input container at anytime if P or Q is pressed.
  • Would have liked both singular and plural answers to be accepted by the game.
  • Unfortunately was not built with 'mobile-first' in mind - would be challenging to play on a mobile device.
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