C# framework for transforming and analyzing source code with srcML.
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This framework and associated tools are used within ABB Corporate Research to do both program transformation and code analysis.

It is based on the srcML project from Kent State University Software Development Laboratory.


In order to build and run the library and tools you need to install Visual Studio 2010 and the Visual Studio 2010 SP1 SDK.

The framework also uses Sandcastle to generate HTML documentation. You must have both Sandcastle (at least version and the Sandcastle Help File Builder installed if you wish to build the documentation.

You also need to set the environment variable SRCMLBINDIR to [Solution Path]\External\bin\srcml. This way, all of the tools will be able to find the srcML executables included with the code.

All of the build artifacts are stored in [Solution Path]\Build in either the Debug or Release subdirectories depending upon the selected configuration.

Building with MSBuild

There is also an MSBuild project file located in the root of the Solution (located at [Solution Path]\SrcML.NET.proj). This can be used to build the entire project from the command line.

To build both the release and debug builds with MSBuild, do the following in a Visual Studio 2010 command prompt:

cd [Solution Path]
msbuild SrcML.NET.proj

If you would like to modify the version number of the resulting binaries to include a build number (as if you're using a continuous integration server like Jenkins), you can do this:

msbuild SrcML.NET.proj /p:BUILD_NUMBER=42

To generate the documentation you can run:

msbuild SrcML.NET.proj /t:docs

This will place all of the documentation in [Solution Path]\Build\Documentation.

You can run the unit tests using:

msbuild SrcML.NET.proj /t:test

This runs all of the tests in the "Build" category. If you also want to run the (very time-intensive) data tests, you can use:

msbuild SrcML.NET.proj /t:testdata

Finally, if you want to run all of the tests, you can use:

msbuild SrcML.NET.proj /t:testall

If you want to build the solution and also copy the srcML binaries to the build directory so that you have all of the required artifacts in one place, do this:

msbuild SrcML.NET.proj /t:Build;CopyExternals

Finally, in order to remove the build artifacts, do this:

msbuild SrcML.NET.proj /t:Clean

The complete set of build artifacts can be created via the following command:

msbuild SrcML.NET.proj /t:Clean;Build;Test;Docs;CopyExternals


Here are the tools included with the distribution along with brief instructions on how to run them.

SrcML Converter (srcml.exe)

srcml.exe is a command line utility that facilitates both the creation of srcML archives from source code directories and the export of code directories from a srcML archive.

You can see help for these functions via the following commands:

For converting source directories to srcML (this is basically a convenience wrapper around KSU's src2srcml.exe tool):

srcml.exe help src2srcml

For converting a srcML archive back to source code:

srcml.exe help srcml2src


Src2SrcMLPreview.exe is a helper application that lets you input source code snippets and then see how they are represented in srcML. Simply run the executable and paste your code into the first text box.

Visual Studio Transform Preview Add-In

The preview add-in lets you create transformation projects that modify a srcML archive. In order to use it with Visual Studio, you first need to do the following:

  1. Copy the file [Solution Path]\VisualStudio\ABB.SrcML.VisualStudio.PreviewAddIn\SrcMLPreviewAddin - For Testing.AddIn to [Your Home Directory]\My Documents\Visual Studio 2010\Addins.
  2. Copy the file [Solution Path]\VisualStudio\Templates\ABB SrcML Transform Project.zip to [Your Home Directory]\My Documents\Visual Studio 2010\Templates\ProjectTemplates.
  3. Copy the file [Solution Path]\VisualStudio\Templates\ABB SrcML Transform Class.zip to [Your Home Directory]\My Documents\Visual Studio 2010\Templates\ItemTemplates.

Once you've done this, you're ready to use the add-in.

  1. Run Visual Studio 2010
  2. Select Tools → Add-in Manager...
  3. Check the box next to SrcML Preview Pane (Debug)
  4. Press OK
  5. Select File → New → Project...
  6. Find the "ABB SrcML Transform Project" item under "Visual C#".
  7. Name your project and press OK.

You now have a transformation project that you can use to query and transform C++ or Java projects. I've made a sample transformation available for you to try out. More documentation on using the add-in, writing transformations, and working with the framework is coming.