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Efficient Maximum-Entropy Exploration

This is the experimental repository for entropy-based exploration: the MAXENT algorithm

MAXENT is a new algorithm to encourage efficient discovery of an unknown state space in RL problems:

This repo contains the experimental code for various OpenAI/Mujoco environments: Swimmer, Ant, HalfCheetah, Walker2d, and Humanoid. The stable code for two classic control tasks is in a different repo:

All implemetations use a forked copy of OpenAI Gym available at: Changes were made to the graphics used for rendering and the behavior of state reseting.

Note that this code is memory-intensive. It is set up to run on a specialized deep-learning machine. To reduce the dimensionality, change the discretization setup in

Dependencies: Tensoflow, OpenAI Gym/Mujoco license, matplotlib, numpy, OpenAI SpinningUp, scipy

See the respective directories for each environment for commands to run and recreate experiments.

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