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= Magento FAQ

A Magento module for managing Frequent Asked Questions. The extension supports multiple store views.
For screenshots see:

== Installation

    Requires Magento ver. > 1.3
    Download the source code and copy the files in the corresponding magento folders; no Magento existing file is modified. 
== Resources

* View Source on GitHub (
* Report Issues on GitHub (
* Read More at the Wiki (
== Usage

You can find the module in admin under CMS menu: FAQ entry.
The FAQ entry has two submenus:
	* Categories
	* Articles
First you have to add the categories and then add articles and asign articles to categories. An article can be assigned to more than one category.
In Admin->System->Configuration->CMS->FAQ you can set the FAQ title (front-end) and if you want to display categories without articles (by default, they are not displayed on FAQ category page).

Regarding store views:
The articles and categories support multiple store views, if you don't create a store view for an article or category, the default data ('All Store Views' view) is used. 

Only the following article fields can be changed at store view level: title, content.
Article's status is global: every article has the same status in all store views
The category articles are in the global scope: every category has the same articles in all store views

You can access the FAQ in front-end at: http://my-magento-website/faq

For more details and screenshots see:

== Copyright

Copyright (c) 2010 Anda Bardeanu. See LICENSE for details.
License: Open Software License ("OSL") v. 3.0

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