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CPN Tools toolkit

This repository contains the necessary plug-ins to create CPN Tools files from EMF. In addition, it provides capabilities to layout and serialize the EMF-compatible Petri nets into the "normative" CPN Tools XML format.

Installing the CPN Tools toolkit

In Eclipse, go to Help -> Install New Software... and use as the URL for the update site.

The CPN Tools toolkit requires Eclipse Neon (4.6) or higher.

Repository contents

Plug-in Projects

EMF metamodel for the CPN Tools tool. The metamodel resembles the structure of the normative XML used by CPN Tools to persist Petri nets.

Plug-in containing the classes to serialize EMF-compatible Petri nets to the normative CPN Tools XML format.

Test plug-in containing some sample code demonstrating how the serialization is invoked.

Feature Projects

Feature for the CPN Tools metamodels and I/O utilities. Included plugins are:

  • io.github.abelgomez.cpntools

Feature for the SDK. Includes all the previous features, plus EMF SDK and the additional test plugin:


Using the CPN Toolkit in a regular Java program

To use the CPN Tools Toolkit in your Java program, simply add the following repository and dependencies to your pom.xml file:

    <!-- Other repositories (if needed)... -->
<!-- ... -->
    <!-- Other dependencies (if needed)... -->

See some examples in the examples/io.github.abelgomez.cpntools.examples.simplejava directory.


Plug-ins to support CPN Tools models in EMF








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