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Linux CUTEst Installer

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This repository is solely for installing CUTEst on Linux in an easy way including shared libraries. My only objective is to give support to a simple installation for a 64 bits linux computer with gcc and gfortran. If you are using OSX, I suggest the great homebrew-cutest. It also works with Linuxbrew, as an alternative to this installer.

This script uses the git versions of the CUTEst repository, namely CUTEst, SIFDecode, ARCHDefs, sif.

The Julia interface for CUTEst, CUTEst.jl, uses this script to install CUTEst for linux.


CUTEst has a few dependencies. You should be able to easily install wget and gfortran from your system package manager. It also needs gsl-1.16, which may not be the version your package manager has. If you want to let the script try to install gsl-1.16 for you, just enter

./ --install-deps

If you tried to install automatically the dependencies and the script failed, you can help me by opening a pull-request with a fix or at least an issue informing what went wrong.

To install manually the dependencies, check the Requirements, and then enter the command


The script will download the required packages, uncompress, and install. Then you'll need to add some lines to your .bashrc, with the command

cat cutest_env.bashrc >> $HOME/.bashrc


You need at least wget, gfortran and gsl version 1.16. You also need to be visible by your system, which may need additional commands.

Ubuntu 14.04

On Ubuntu 14.04, this can be done with

sudo apt-get install wget gfortran libgsl0-dev

and then you have to find, which is probably

ls /usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-linux-gnu/XXX/

where XXX is some version number (for instance 5.4.0). After found, use

sudo ln -s /usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-linux-gnu/XXX/ /usr/local/lib

Ubuntu 16.04

Install wget and gfortran.

sudo apt-get install wget gfortran

You'll have to manually install gsl-1.16. Download gsl-1.16 from then issue the following commands

tar -zxf gsl-1.16.tar.gz
cd gsl-1.16
sudo make install

Finally, you'll need to make visible. Probably with

sudo ln -s /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ /usr/local/lib/

Other systems

Open an issue so I can help you, or a Pull Request helping me.