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An OSC client for Ruby

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This OSC gem originally created by Tadayoshi Funaba has been updated for ruby 1.9 compatibility. I’ve made a point to make this code as expressive as possible and provide a test suite for confident hacking. It also should be flexible enough to support most crazy ideas.

Compatible with ruby 1.9, 2.* and jruby


sudo gem install osc-ruby

for the EMServer, you will need EventMachine

sudo gem install eventmachine

Event Machine Basic example

require 'rubygems'
require 'osc-ruby'
require 'osc-ruby/em_server'

@server = 3333 )
@client = 'localhost', 3333 )

@server.add_method '/greeting' do | message |
  puts "#{message.ip_address}:#{message.ip_port} -- #{message.address} -- #{message.to_a}"
end do

@client.send( "/greeting" , "hullo!" ))

sleep( 3 )


Originally created by…

Tadayoshi Funaba

thx also to Toby Tripp, Brian McClain, Andreas Haller, James Hughes, Rapofran, and Daniel Dickison