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Your R and Shiny based open source ally for the analysis of biological rhythms
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Your R and Shiny based open source ally for the analysis of biological rhythms

Research on circadian rhythms often requires researchers to estimate period, robustness and phase of the rhythm. These are important to estimate owing to the fact that they act as readouts of different features of the underlying clock. The commonly used tools, to this end, suffer from either being very expensive or have very limited interactivity or are very cumbersome to use, or a combination of these. To overcome these issues and to ease the analysis of biological time-series data, we have written RhythmicAlly, an open source program using R and Shiny that has the following advantages:

a) It is free b) It allows subjective marking of phases on actograms c) Provides high interactivity with graphs d) Allows visualisation and storing of data for a batch of individuals simultaneously and e) Does what other free programs do but with fewer mouse clicks, thereby being more efficient and user-friendly.

Last update on 17th September 2019.

Minor update - Updated the arrangement of data for actograms such that the last cycle is blank so as to enable clear visualisation of all cycles in the plots.

If you use our application for analysis, please cite the work:

Abhilash, L. and Sheeba, V., 2019. RhythmicAlly: Your R and Shiny–Based Open-Source Ally for the Analysis of Biological Rhythms. Journal of biological rhythms, p.0748730419862474.


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